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Beverly Events and Attractions

A Summer's Day
for a Fair Day...



Saturday, July 22, 2006

Summer Thunderstorms beforehand and afterwards did not dampen the enthusiasm of those in the record turn-out for the 5th Annual Beverly Heritage Day. Indeed, the clouds helped to moderate the warmth into a fair and pleasant day for the event.

(Above: A huge tree towers over the tents beside the Goff House.)

(Right: the ancient town square sits at the center of the historic district. Yes, that's the same very tall tree in the background!)


Living History Reenactors from several periods were on hand to interact with visitors.


At left, volunteers from the First (West) Virginia Infantry, US demonstrate their camp equipment. During the Civil War, Union troops camped throughout the town.


Harkening back to an even earlier conflict, one that ended just as Beverly was being settled, a Revolutionary War reenactor explains the situation to some passers-by.
Reenactors of the pioneer period represented the civilian contributions of Beverly's founders for the day...

The restored Stalnaker cabin (above), one of the oldest structures in the county, was the venue for demonstrations of early homestead crafts and skills by Past Masters in Domestic Arts, a reenacting group.


The tiny "Subscription School" (left) had at least one attentive student for the day.

Beverly's finest old buildings were decked out for the day.

At right is the the Bosworth Store Building, now housing the museum of the Randolph County Historical Society. The Society unveiled a special World War II exhibit during Beverly Heritage Day.

Below is the block that will eventually become an interpretive center for the area's history. Note the bumper-to-bumper parking. It was an extraordinary day in Beverly!

"Heritage Review" (below) in the town square provided hands-on period activities for visiting youngsters - and fielded questions from parents as well.

The "Textile Fair" at the Goff House (below) made it the most happening place in town, with music, crafts, and a wealth of participants and visitors.